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A web based application to control of projects between strategy and launch phase My role in project:
Project coordinator, system analyst, system designer, system developer

PMOAM is a universal, part-based control tool for temporal graded run-ups, backwards timing of processes (supplier, sampling, etc.) and part oriented planing and persecution of suppliers, quality management and sampling chain management.

The web application is hosted on Apache Tomcat-Webserver. We have used iBatis und Hibernate for data persistence and O/R mapping. MVC Pattern was implemented by using Struts and transaction management, dependency injection und singleton objects was implemented bu using Spring framework. DWR is used for AJAX and as RDBMS the SQL Server 2000/2005. We partially used ExtJs components as client-side controls. IDE was Eclipse.

12.2004 - 06.2009

My tasks were/are:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Technology decision
  • Creation and preparation of concepts
  • System design
  • Data modelling
  • Defining, distributing, contolling tasks
  • Testing
  • Deploying

Project team:
sometimes up to 12 co-workers

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